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If you have any questions about anything we've done in class, do not hesitate to come and see me.  You can also email me anytime.

Set up a time to see me if you need any help or have questions.  (Room 205, Academy Building )

Before School (8:00-8:45)

Mr. Nelson's Preparation Periods:  Periods 1,3,6

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Seek out your classmates for help.

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Writing Workshop  Writing workshop  Writing Workshop

Online Writing Tutorials (Sponsored by the Capital College Foundation)  Link to the Subtitle given to you by Mr. Nelson

Nelson's Writing Workshop Follow-up Email (Sent to students following major writing assignments.) <Word Document>


Online Writing Resources (Add These to your Favorites)

Help with spelling & meaning--Online Dictionary--

Find synonyms--Online Thesaurus--

Get statistics, current reference data--Online Almanacs--

Translate Documents--Online Translator--


Check out this On-Line Writing Reference Guide By Diana Hacker



On-line Powerpoint Tutorials:  (Sponsored by the Capital College Foundation)

Click to learn more about the following:

Brewing...Avoid Sentence Fragments

*    Avoid Run-on Sentences

*    Spelling Rules

*    Paragraph Structure*

  Use a Semicolon:

*    Use a Colon:

*    Subject/Verb Agreement

*    Use an  Apostrophe '

*    Basic sentence structure

(Sponsored by the Capital College Foundation)



How many words fit on a page?




MLA Style Guide

Learn How to Site Sources in your Essays

Click on the Link of your choice

MLA In-Text Citation Guide sponsored by Diana Hacker

MLA Works-Cited Guidelines (How to cite your sources at the end of your paper)

Model MLA Paper 1

Model MLA Paper 2

Download MLA Style Guidelines in PDF format


Another great guide to MLA Sponsored By Purdue University

Additional Links from Purdue University:  A Guide to MLA

1.      General Format

2.      In-Text Citations: The Basics

3.      In-Text Citations: Author-Page Style

4.      Formatting Quotations

5.      Footnotes and Endnotes

6.      Works Cited Page: Basic Format

7.      Works Cited Page: Books

8.      Works Cited: Periodicals

9.      Works Cited: Electronic Sources

10.  Works Cited: Other Non-Print Sources

11.  Additional Resources











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