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  TOK Reading Assignment:  Choose Three (3) of the following PDF articles, download them, read them, and post your responses on chat sight.   Note:  You will need to install Adobe Reader in order to read these documents.


    1.  "As Science Finds Answers it Uncovers Questions"

2.  "Cargo Cult Science"  By Richard Feyman

  7.  "Seductive Propaganda"  By Bran Appleyard

8.  "Ten Myths of Science:  Reexamining what we think we know"  By William McComas

    3.  "Great Scientists are the ones who ask the best questions"  By K.C. Cole

4.  "Is there such a thing as Scientific Objectivity?" By K.C. Cole

  9.  "The Changelss Laws of Nature.  Guess Again"  By. KC Cole

10.  "The Fallacy of Scientific Objectivity" By Hilary Lawson

"It turns out that early humans probably had words for just two colors, and many not-so-ancient languages divide colors into just three categories. Even today, most languages don't have different words for green and blue. But the vocabulary of color has evolved."
  5.  "Right and Wrong" Chapter excerpt By K.C. Cole

6.  "Scientific Truths and True Science" By Jeffrey Schwartz



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