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Unit 5 - Select handouts, activities, & links 




Unit 5- SL/HL Topic 3- Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states.

Focus: Joseph Stalin



Handouts, activities, & links


    Perhaps the Cult of Personality has not ended? -Link-

2011-12 Investigations Rise and Rule of Stalin:

(Videos of Presentations)

2010 Class Presentation Notes:

Collectivization <Handout> <Powerpoint>

Industrialization (Five Year Plans) <Handout> <>

Establishment of Gulags <Handout> <Powerpoint>

Early Purges 1929-34 & Post-Kirov Purges 1934-1936

The Great Purge, 1936-39 <Handout> <Powerpoint>

 Later Purges, 1941-1953 <Handout> <Powerpoint>

The Great Patriotic War (WWII) 1941-1945 <Handout> <Powerpoint>

Propaganda and Education <Handout> <Powerpoint>