Unit I Assignments, Handouts, Readings, & Files 




Unit I:  Origins of American Values

Theme:  Perceptions, American Values, Birth of the American Ideology

Performance Indicators
The students will …

  1. ...explore diverse views of America.
  2. ...classify the landscape and geography of the United States.
  3. ...examine the origins of American values.
  4. ...analyze the role that history and literature play in shaping one’s perceptions.
  5. ...identify and evaluate the role that American values play in modern America.
  6. ...apply their knowledge of American values in the context of each unit of the course.

Personal Connections
The students will …

  1. ...explore how society defines them and how they define themselves.
  2. ...examine how their own life experiences have shaped their views of America.
  3. ...identify their own values in relation to their own goals.
  4. ...interact with diverse perspectives which help create our memory and understanding of the past.

Interdisciplinary unit:  American Values Abroad


Assignments, Handouts, Readings: