Unit III Assignments, Handouts, Readings, & Files 


Unit III-  Legacy of the Constitution

Unit Theme/s:  Liberty and Freedom, Constitutional Law

Essential Questions:  To what extent does the Constitution provide the base for American society?  How?  To what extent should absolute freedoms exist? Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee absolute freedoms? To what extent is the U.S. Constitution effective and preserved?

Personal Connections:  What kinds of liberty and freedom should people have?  Should all people have the same liberties and freedoms?

Interdisciplinary unit:  Debate on Absolute Freedom, USA Patriot Act




Assignments, Handouts, Readings:
  • Video Sheet: American Government (if you were absent from class, you should watch this video as make-up in the library.  It will help tremendously to review for the test.)
  • How does a Bill become a Law?  If you still don't understand the process completely, follow the steps on this site.... Great study guide for your exam essay question.

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