Unit II Assignments, Handouts, Readings, & Files 



Unit II-  Immigration

Unit Theme/s:  Birth of the American Ideology, Assimilation vs. Segregation 

Essential Questions:  What values did the Puritans create and which of these values exist in America today? What is the American Dream & is it an illusion or reality? How did the American Dream affect immigrants?  Is America a melting pot or salad bowl?

Personal Question: What is your definition of success and failure? What forces in your life have caused you to move or be moved? To what extent do people include or exclude other cultures?


(Courtesy of the Library of Congress, DLC/PP-1934:0056)



Assignments, Handouts, Readings:


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  Source Links for Essay:  These were each presented in class:

#1 NPR-  "Exploring America's National Identity"

  #2 NPR-  "Mexican Immigrants Weigh Issues of Assimilation"

#3 NPR-  Immigration in America:  Faith and Assimilation

  #4 NPR-  Immigration in America: The Vietnamese

#5 NPR-  Immigration in America:  Becoming Americanized

  #6 NPR-  Immigration in America:  Black and White Divisions

#7  History Channel:  HistoryCENTER:  Immigration Nation

    #8  NPR-  Immigrants and the Importance of Learning English
      #9  NPR-  Policy Makers get a Cross Border View

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